Bennu Solar supply chain solution for a Kenyan-based solar company - Mibawa Suppliers Ltd.

  • Listen to Mibawa's needs

    5 mibawa's needs

  • Help design and personalize a range of solar products

    Light-icon round kit blue print1 round lantern blue print1 mibawa's radio blue print

  • Mass production in China (with regular progress updates, and a 24-hour response service)

    1 status updates

  • Certifications in strict accordance with the laws and requirements in the target market

    certificate IEC this CoC

  • Logistics (secure packaging, coordination, regular progress updates and a 24-hour response service)

    3 consolidation

  • After-sales service (warranty claims, emergency replacement by air transport)

    aftersales airfreight

  • Tested and certified by Lighting Africa & Lighting Global

    IFC - WB1 1

  • Branding (website, brochures, manuals, training materials, packaging)


  • Long-term (fulfillment of orders and transport, R & D of PAYG, increase the range of products)

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